Round Robin

Much Ado About Orks

or "How I learned to love a Dragon Mosh Pit"

The company sent Alp ahead to warn the town, with a little help from Gavmir’s Haste spell. Upopn reaching the town and warning the guards, Alp went to the barracks to warn the captain of the guard, who gave him a note to deliver to the northern wall. Alp made haste ( :p ) to the norther wall while the group meandered behind the slow shamble of orks. When they finally reached the town, the guard had set up a blockade of shield to redirect them around. This worked for a while, before the line got too thin trying to keep up with the new orks and the ones being directed.

Once they started getting past, Ember acted on instinct, putting up a firewall, which did it’s job stopping the ork forces, but the sight of the incineration was a bit much for her and Eloi to stomach. Leo and Corsys commanded the guards to refrain from any attacks and the line held.

The mob made it’s way around the city and pushed north. Once outside of town, a shadow was spotted overhead as a Ancient Golden Dragon landed and gazed out at the crowd. Alp, seeing this after delivering his message, made double time back, as it could be seen from the wall. The dragon spotting a hidden member of the mob, decimated the vast majority of them in a fiery breath, leaving just one – the Ancient Red Dragon of the mountain, disguised as an ork general. Ian Landed an Arrow into the Dragon before it shifted back to normal size, and an epic (but quick) battle ensued, our heroes moving underfoot while the Gold and Red came to blows above them. The skuffle awoke a mjority of the remaining orks, and they did battle as well. That is, until the gold dragon ripped the throat from the Red, causing it to fall on Ember. The dragon saved her before she was crushed to death, before shrinking down to a polymorphed human.

He explained his vying for territory, and lack of a desire to be put in the limelight for this. Guards from the wall and town arrived on the scenes to discover the group finishing off the last of the orks, next to the dead red dragon that had been terrorizing the south.

Thus began months of rebuilding and expansion on the city. With the talks of the heroes, the newly reopened port, and the resources being redirected from the wall projects – the city is coming to become a local superpower.


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