Round Robin

Much Ado About Orks
or "How I learned to love a Dragon Mosh Pit"

The company sent Alp ahead to warn the town, with a little help from Gavmir’s Haste spell. Upopn reaching the town and warning the guards, Alp went to the barracks to warn the captain of the guard, who gave him a note to deliver to the northern wall. Alp made haste ( :p ) to the norther wall while the group meandered behind the slow shamble of orks. When they finally reached the town, the guard had set up a blockade of shield to redirect them around. This worked for a while, before the line got too thin trying to keep up with the new orks and the ones being directed.

Once they started getting past, Ember acted on instinct, putting up a firewall, which did it’s job stopping the ork forces, but the sight of the incineration was a bit much for her and Eloi to stomach. Leo and Corsys commanded the guards to refrain from any attacks and the line held.

The mob made it’s way around the city and pushed north. Once outside of town, a shadow was spotted overhead as a Ancient Golden Dragon landed and gazed out at the crowd. Alp, seeing this after delivering his message, made double time back, as it could be seen from the wall. The dragon spotting a hidden member of the mob, decimated the vast majority of them in a fiery breath, leaving just one – the Ancient Red Dragon of the mountain, disguised as an ork general. Ian Landed an Arrow into the Dragon before it shifted back to normal size, and an epic (but quick) battle ensued, our heroes moving underfoot while the Gold and Red came to blows above them. The skuffle awoke a mjority of the remaining orks, and they did battle as well. That is, until the gold dragon ripped the throat from the Red, causing it to fall on Ember. The dragon saved her before she was crushed to death, before shrinking down to a polymorphed human.

He explained his vying for territory, and lack of a desire to be put in the limelight for this. Guards from the wall and town arrived on the scenes to discover the group finishing off the last of the orks, next to the dead red dragon that had been terrorizing the south.

Thus began months of rebuilding and expansion on the city. With the talks of the heroes, the newly reopened port, and the resources being redirected from the wall projects – the city is coming to become a local superpower.

Returning from the Sunken Temple

Resumed from the dragon’s corpse, divvying up the loot.
Rested until the ailments from the Aboleth faded.
Exited with the newly freed Merfolk slaves following, the wyrmling riding Edwyrd’s shoulder, and Leo draggin’ the dragon corpse.
Travel to Iceholm Wall was slow, but uneventful. The merfolk did not recognize their surroundings at all and felt extremely cold.

Arriving at the wall, the party was greeted by silence with no guards visible. Loudly announcing their presence, the party heard a yelp and clamoring from a familiar voice. Jake, Leo’s favorite incompetent guard, answered and let the group in after proper procedures. Gavmir then used a spell to make it seem as if the dragon corpse spoke which caused Jake to simultaneously void his bowels and fall unconcsious standing up.

The party then split with Ian, Ember, Gavmir, Alpanius, and Eloi heading to Falvir to report their progress and request a wagon to transport the party’s spoils. Leo, Corsys, and Edwyrd remained at Iceholm Wall hoping to possibly see Leo’s mother.

Leo and Corsys go to talk to merfolk at the dock and learned they were from the far south. A place where even from the shore you could see nothing but sand.

Edwyrd goes to the bar and heard that a guard murderer nicknamed “Crowface” escaped custody and is on the loose. He then pulls out a book he got from the Library in the Pocket Dimension of the Gods and began reading it to the guards in the bar. The guards were stopped what they were doing, and paid exclusive attention to the story. Other guards came into the bar, but none left.

Leo and Corsys noticed the eerie quiet and lack of guards in the camp, with the only noise being what sounded like Edwyrd telling a story at the bar.

quicknotes (expanding upon later):
-leo/corsys arrive at bar and stop the reading
-the guards attempt to silently walk out
-leo sorts through the guards and sends them off where they need to go, some talk about a need to go north
-leo sends edwyrd to tent
-leo and corsys get drunk
-captain wakes up and screams like crazy
-confrontation between leo, corsys, and the captain

-Ian, Ember, Gavmir, Alpanius, and Eloi arrive at Falvir
-welcomed in, but arrived late and council will see them in the morning
-the whole hold is filled with hurried movement, but not a panic
-the hold goes much deeper into the mountain, newer houses completely out of stone in the back
-ember chastised finger fire flicking flamebrands
-the forge is largely run by firebrands now
-gavmir notices unhappy non-firebrand dwarves at the forge and makes the forge smoke with pyrotechnics
-the whole hold erupts in panic
-gavmir nudges the ex-forge dwarves into action
-gavmir convinces dwarven guards he didnt cause any trouble by repairing the forge walls
-party returns to embassy and sleeps for the night
-council is unable to see the party first thing in the morning because of an “emergency situation”
-ember and gavmir repair smoke damage on the older buildings that are made partially out of wood
-gavmir gets a tour of the hold by a dwarf guard
-ian attempts to sell his “evil” magic item, but the only shopkeep that has magical knowledge only offers to safely dispose of it. ian keeps his item
-rumors are being spread about the forge not able to handle the gifts of the firebrand
-guards call in the party to the council hall
-ember gives other members of the party a small history lesson and briefing on the council members and council hall
-ember gets more or less glomped by gildred
-gildred reveals that it’s believed that a disrespectful firebrand may have been responsible for the forge incident yesterday
-gildred is also in a psuedo-leadership role at the forge
-ember steps forward and explains everything that happened
-the priest of torag, ovbin, is concerned at missing party members at first, until ember explains they stayed behind with the bounty
-the guardian, delel, claimed they would have been able to handle the situation on their own
-the smith, aldias, thanks the party for their work, and gavmir for his repairs during the event the day before
-gavmir steps forward and inquires about the apparent racism
-delel rages that its none of gavmir’s concern and the treatment of firebrands is well under control
-gavmir says he was asking about the ex-forge dwarves who are miserable from having to give up their proud jobs
-the miner, falldak, for the most part laughs at gavmir’s ability to seemingly innocently rile up delel
-aldias says he is aware of the problem, but there is a limited space for dwarves to work in a single forge, and the firebrands have the advantage in controlling the forge
-gavmir asks why not build another forge?
-aldias and the builder, kilgan, look at each other with an interest
-the builder, kilgan, claims the dwarves can restore the temple and look forward to uncovering any secrets
-ovbin offers the wagon to the party request as a reward, and apologizes that because they hadn’t officially requested the Georgio Martini Adventuring Company to investigate, they didn’t have a proper reward prepared
-as the party leaves, gildred enters, meaning the council possibly prioritized the party over a formal report on the forge situation
-party leaves with wagon

-Special Note: Glanor the Oracle of Torag was supposed to have left on a pilgrimage to the southern hold. I forgot that and added him into the council. Since all he did for the whole interaction was shudder at the word Aboleth, I’d like to retcon that and keep him on his pilgrimage like he was supposed to be originally.


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