Party Funds

5000 cp
2000 sp
90 gp
22 pp

Mundane Equipment
Gold mask (450 gp)
Gold bowl with dragon engravings (400gp)
Platnum holy symbol of Gorum (400gp)
Tent (3)
Explorer’s Outfit (6)
Climbing Kit (6)
Grappling Hook (6)
Adventurer’s Kit (6)
200 ft. Silk Rope
Shovel (6)
Miner’s Pickaxe (6)
Torch (90)

Magic Equipment
+1 spellstoring bracers of armor
Cloak of firey banishing (Ultim equipment pg 264)
Boots of the winterlands
Boots of the winterlands (Cursed, boot of dancing) (He made the dc41 check)
+1 Shadow Studded Leather Armor
Dragonhide Plate

Discovery torch
Lesser Restoration
See Invisibility

Inflict Light Wounds

Silent metamagic rod

Delay Poison
Water Breathing
Mage Armor
Comprehend Language
Cure Light Wounds (7)
Cure Moderate Wounds (3)

Wondrous Items
Bag of holding type 2
Everburning Torch
Sunrod x 6

Party Funds

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